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a veritable shitstorm

as you may or may not know, the state of virginia has taken quite a beating this month. first there was a fire in the dismal swamp which made the smoke settle outside like thick fog (and stink up my room, ugh), then there was that damn earthquake, and of course we can't forget hurricane irene.

they were all pretty unsettling, but in the end not too bad. the fire was(/is) annoying, the earthquake rather frightening in its oddness, and the hurricane inconvenient and perhaps a wee bit over-dramatized (i'm of course referring only to where i live). i think the worst part of the whole thing was how everything seemed to be going to shit all at once. virginians are very easily worked into a panic when it comes to weather/natural phenomena.

but yes. my family and i are fine, and i hope everyone else is as well!

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i am dyingPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

okay i'm over it (for now).

i don't really have much to say, other than the past few days i have been really giggly. everything has made me laugh, even if it's not at all funny. i may just be going crazy.

but more importantly, i got my pottermore account! yay! my handle is VineBlood167. because it's like redvines. get it? get it?! ...yeah okay, leave me alone, i'm crazy now remember?!

good night.

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i only slept for a few hours, something i haven't done in a while. i'm so tired, and i've felt rather nauseous for the past day or two.

my grandmother got a proper look at me today and told me that i had lost a lot of weight. like, a lot of weight. i hadn't even noticed until she said something, but she was right. my clothes sort of hang off of me now. it's strange.

i used to be quite overweight when i was in my early-mid teens. 200+ pounds at 5'3. at the time i was so out of it and indifferent to life that i never really cared about such things. i barely even noticed how much weight i had gained until i started losing it like crazy when i moved in with my mum (who never had food at her apartment). when we moved to a bigger house i would choreograph dances in my room, which helped keep the weight off.

when i moved in with my grandparents again, i gained some of the weight back. i never quite got to where i was when i was fourteen, but it was noticeable.

i'm back at the weight i was when i was dancing every day, except this time i feel like shit. i'm not emaciated or anything, far from it, but i just feel unhealthy. i think i'll try to start riding my grandmother's bike around the neighborhoods and avoiding junk food. also, i need to start drinking water.

this shouldn't be hard since eating anything seems like a chore these days. i just don't feel well. i was complaining for days about not having any food, and now that there is plenty it all makes me feel like i'm going to be sick. i suppose that's normal, though.

can't wait until the thought of eating no longer turns my stomach.

in happier news, my family is home from the beach. i am glad things are returning to normal and calming down. soon school will start for my siblings and the monotony of life will return. this time i plan to do something to break it.

i suppose that's all for now; i'm exhausted.

until next time~
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what in da heo

i haven't slept yet so i am feeling particularly silly!

so silly that i found myself giggling madly after imagining blono dance--club style--to an obnoxious remix of sara perche ti amo. which is the only italian song i know...besides the italian national anthem. this should probably change.

my grandfather and brother are returning to north carolina tomorrow for another few days of vacation. i'm not going. as i mentioned before, it seems too weird with my aunt not being able to go. and also it means that i would pretty much be there for the entire pack-up-and-clean-ALL-the-things rush, which is stressful as hell and i always end up getting yelled at or blamed for something. and to hell with that.

last night i watched about five or six episodes of 오마이스쿨/백점만점 (oh! my school/100 points out of 100). i didn't even know all of the idols and celebrities who were guests, yet i couldn't seem to stop watching it. i didn't really "get" a lot of the humor (the translations were accurate but didn't help you understand puns and the like) but i was still incredibly amused at how damn upbeat and fun korean variety shows are!


oh, and i watched the latest episode of no. 6 (SPOILERS AHEAD, YO). shion said that he "found himself drawn to nezumi" and i was like...oh snap. also the dog keeper is a bitch but, um, i kind of love her? i mean she totally called nezumi out on his feelings for shion, so even though she was, er...trying to kill him...i was still like "SEE? NOW STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE TO SHION YOU JERK". i want them to live happily ever after so badly but i feel like that isn't going to happen...

that's all from me for now. see ya~

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my great aunt (i call her cocoa) was having pretty bad kidney troubles and we were unsure whether or not she would live. she did, fortunately, although she has a bag attached to her side to drain fluid. when my family went on our usual trip to north carolina it felt strangely wrong without her presence.

tomorrow the carpet in the living room is being replaced. i'm not usually one for pangs of nostalgia but i think i felt one when they pulled up the part of the floor that i had burned a hole in when i was in middle school. my best friend had written me extravagant, hogwarts-style letters stained with tea and burned around the edges, so i attempted to do the same and nearly burnt the house down. i had completely forgotten about it until they removed the rug that had been placed over the charred piece of carpet.

lately i've been catching up on manga. i started jojo's bizarre adventure (and all of the other joestar family arcs) nearly two years ago and am still not all the way through it (it's an old series and ongoing, so quite long). i fucking love it, it's probably one of my favorite manga i've ever read. i also read tobaku mokushiroku kaiji and am kinda obsessed with fanart of the characters at the moment.


i also decided to watch no. 6, and so far i am really enjoying it. the animation is gorgeous and the story line is very interesting thus far. it also has this strange bittersweet feeling to it which i like. nezumi and shion are great characters and i love them both, which is rather rare for me. i remember when i read/watched togainu no chi i HATED the main character to the point where i rooted for his demise (don't judge me).


my grandfather fixed my laptop the other day. i'm very grateful, but also a little bit annoyed; my laptop has been broken for about a year now and we have discussed it extensively. yet my grandfather waited until a few days ago to check it and managed to fix it in five minutes (it was an external problem). way to go, grandad.

so yes. that is my life at the moment. i've been losing weight from lack of appetite (aka i have been stressed lately) and sleeping a lot. but i've not been depressed, really. i take this as a good sign.

ja ne~
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